System Virtualisation

We specialise in KVM or VirtualBox virtualisation technology.

System Virtualisation allows you to make more effective use of your computing hardware resources, and often with added security and reliability.

With System Virtualisation, you can consolidate several sets of applications running on several different computers onto a single computer, each set of application running in its own distinct and secure operating system environment. This allows you to maximise computing resource utilisation and diminished cost by allowing fewer computing/server hardware to be in use.

For example, you can consolidate your Webserver and email system onto a single computer safely and reliably, even if they are each using on a completely different operating system environment.

GreenwareIT specialises on building and configuring virtual systems using KVM or VirtualBox technology.

KVM is better suited for server virtualisation, however it can also be used for desktop virtualisation. VirtualBox is better suited for desktop systems, and can also be used for server virtualisation on relatively older hardware systems with lower performance compared to KVM. (Note though that recent advances in KVM technology is likely to make it better for desktop systems on newer hardware.)