Internet Surveys and Polling

Online Surveys and Polling

We can create and conduct Internet based Surveys and Polling on your behalf. We use the Open Source LimeSurvey software to create a web based survey allowing different types of questions to be used.

At the conclusion of the survey, we will produce a comprehensive report with charts and graphics that highlight features in the result set. Reports are available online or in printed hardcopy format. The LimeSurvey software provides control on access to the online questionnaire.

In all surveys and polling all rights to the data is held by You and we transfer all the data to you at the end of the survey. We will also destroy all data that we have collected on your behalf (unless you requested us to keep them for archive and backup purposes.)

We invite You to take the GreenwareIT Open Source survey to see an example of a survey. Note that this is only a very simple example.

Contact us to discuss how we my assist you with Online Surveys and Polling.